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28.07.2015 14:01

Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Big data technologies have rapidly evolved in the past decade. With exponential growth in the technology sector, there are no signs of big data problems slowing down anytime soon. With the big data era just starting, there are many constantly evolving needs and new issues.

Cloud computing technology is now being leveraged to deal with big data problems and offers an efficient way of dealing with them. Many companies and organizations have started to utilize big data on cloud solutions because of their efficiency and lower cost compared to on-premises deployments.

Amazon Redshift is one of the top cloud solution providers

Amazon Redshift has become one of the most sought after big data cloud solution providers, and many companies have started to use it for their analytics needs.

Redshift is cost effective because it can be scaled up as required, and the cost to run the same type of analytics on-premises can be several times more per year. Redshift also has detailed reporting capabilities that are often useful, and it is also relatively easy to use compared to some of the other options available.

Hadoop is an open source framework used for data processing in the cloud

Hadoop is an open source framework for processing very large data sets. Although it was originally designed to work on groups of physical machines, it has evolved for data processing in the cloud. Hadoop allows companies to store very large data sets and large clusters of data beyond their on-site capacities. MapReduce is the framework that Hadoop uses to process data.

More technologies are available than ever before

There are more technologies available than ever before for big data processing in the cloud. IT experts anticipate that big data in the future will be a combination of on-premises solutions and big data on cloud solutions. Many service providers and companies have started to use services like Amazon Redshift and frameworks like Hadoop among others for their convenience, scalability and efficiency.

Contact Agile ISS for more information about big data analytics companies

Agile ISS can consult with you to determine which big data analytics services will meet your company’s needs the best. We have experience with every major provider and framework including Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, Hortonworks, Hive and several others.

No matter what your big data analytics needs are, we can find an appropriate solution and assist you with deploying and managing it.

Our service will save your company both time and money, and with our extensive experience, we will be able to solve any big data problems you have quickly. We will help to guarantee that your products and services are delivered efficiently and effectively, which is important to your company’s stakeholders.



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